Can Donald Trump help vegans?

I’m generally a pretty optimistic person so it’s been a challenge coming up with a silver lining to the Trump presidency. If the stakes weren’t so high, the entire fiasco would be the greatest form of entertainment going. But the stakes are high, and all too real.

A Letter To Dairy

Dear Dairy Industry,

When I was young, my father told me that you have to be really smart to be a good liar. After all, it’s hard to keep track of all your lies in order to not be caught. I couldn’t tell you why he was sharing that advice with me, I was probably lying about something, but I’ve always remembered what he said.

It seems that no one ever shared that advice with you because you’ve been lying for a long time now. While that sucks, the great news is your lies are catching up with you. Even better, you’re helping expose them to everyone.

Change Is Coming

One of the many things I’ve learned over the past year and half is how fragmented the vegan community is. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great people doing amazing things to further the cause for a more compassionate world. But like any successful social movement of the past, meaningful change only happens once a large enough portion of society recognizes the need to do so.

Making Vegan Easy

One of the things that I try to be conscious of when sharing what I’ve learned over fifteen years of veganism is that when you know a lot about a subject, there is an unconscious belief that everyone else must know it as well.

In the spirit of sharing what may or may not be rudimentary knowledge, I wrote this post with the assumption that not everyone is aware of these resources.

We live in an age of convenience. Seemingly every aspect of our life is geared towards solving various time constraints. As one of the common misconceptions about veganism is the perceived difficulties involved, I hope you’ll find this post helpful.

I believe the children are our future...

Whitney Houston didn’t exactly wander into uncharted philosophical territory when she sang “I believe the children are our future”. The concept that the next generation of small humans will move the world forward doesn’t require a significant investigation to surmise that it’s a rather obvious statement.

That the sentiment is obvious doesn’t make it any less important. In fact, when it comes to shepherding in social change, children are indeed the future.